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food preservation borosilicate sealed glass tank

The vacuum-sealed preservation method is to keep the food in a vacuum state without contact with microorganisms in the air. A method of sealing and preserving food, such as canned products, vacuum-packaged products, etc. This method is suitable for the preservation of a variety of foods. Bamboo Covered High Borosilicate Sealed Glass Food Product:Bamboo and Wood Plug Sealed Tank. Material:High borosilicate. Size :As picture. Weight:About 90-600g. Package include:1 x Sealed Tank. Product Overview:1.100% new condition ,eco-friendly material, high quality . 2.The heat-resistant temperature is -20 degrees to 150 degrees. Notice:The actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color. :Glass Jars for Food Storage, Airtight Glass The food storage container can not only store solid food such as noodles, rice, coffee, etc., but also store liquids food such as oil, honey, and jam. 🍩 [High-quality Materials]:This glass jar is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and the solid bamboo cover with silicone ring can be sealed to keep food fresh. Transparent Lead-Free Sealed Glass Storage Containers It can be used to hold coffee bean, tea, dried fruit, seasoning, etc. –Made from high-quality high borosilicate heat resistant glass, the kitchen organizer can withstand high temperature –The food storage container is transparent making it convenient for you to find the spice that you need. –The food tank has a good sealing performance. Keep food fresh, glass storage jars are more reliable

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