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Optimize performance of your Masterflex pumps More About this Item Dispensing nozzle with 6 ft PVC hose makes transferring liquids from drums and containers easy and safe. Everything You Need To Know About Dispensing PumpsAug 06, 2021 · Dispensing pumps consist of pistons, pump chambers, pump heads, collars and can be designed to deliver different ‘outputs of liquid’ for a single application by the user. In simple terms, you press down on the pump, and liquid comes out of the nozzle. Dispensing pumps also have many options that are manufactured to work with bottles or AdBlue™ Nozzles & Magnetic AdBlue™ Pump Dispensing Automatic and manual AdBlue™ dispensing nozzles. Just like the fuel range, our AdBlue™ nozzle range includes both manual and automatic shut off models, as well as AdBlue™ pump nozzle versions with incorporated meter for monitoring the quantity of fluid that has been dispensed. It is important that only nozzles designed for the dispensing of AdBlue™ (or DEF as it is otherwise F2 - Silgan Dispensing SystemsGive your consumers a cleaner, more controlled dispensing experience that reduces waste with our popular F2 pump. Multiple nozzle, cap, foam quality and decoration options let you create a unique aesthetic that ees your brand’s personality. At the same time, the propellant-free design of F2 uses less formula by stroke, reducing excess waste with a simple pump gesture. Nozzels – EAST-MAN METERS

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