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nulite heat pump use 100 liter heater tank stainless steel

NuLite, A leading OEM ODM heat pump R&D and manufacturer in China. Currently with the high efficiency ASHP of:1. Apartment/Villa Inverter Heating/Cooling Heat Pump (3-38KW, 30-350m2) 2. -25°C EVI Heating Heat Pump (9-210KW) 3. Sanitary All in One Heat Pump (80-320L) 4. Spa Hot Tub Swim Pool Heat Pump (3-150KW) 5. Well Water Holding Tank Manufacturer, Pressure Tank NULITEIt collecting and storing the heat energy from solar, boiler, heat pump, electric heater etc, and distributing the energy to floor heating, radiators, fan coils, as well as the sanitary hot water for shower, kitchen etc. 1.Double heat preservation. 2.Material of outer casing:color coated sheet, stainless steel. 3.Accept OEM/ODM. nulite 100 liter high pressure water tank-WATER OIL TANK Heat pump installation:easy installation titanium exchanger Pool Heating pump. 2.Payment terms:T/T or Western Union 3.Durable use:using the advanced stainless steel/titanium metal water heat exchanger, which resists the erosion from chlorine in the water, creates a longer lifespan. stainless steel water tank 100 liter - The stainless steel nulite tank heat pump buffer tank 50 for household hot Buffer Tanks,Buffer Storage Tanks - Water Tank, Split hot water heat pump heater images ,100-1000L heat pump tank SST 200l/300l/500l/800l duplex buffer tank storage,ss stainless steel hot water buffer tank Easy to install indirect system pressurized solar water heater,solar collector hot water pumping heating systemChina EerP A+++ Inverter Heatpump 20KW 316 duplex tank stainless heat tank freestanding heat pump

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