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Jul 15, 2019 · LNG Loading Arrangement LNG, the fuel for future, is a cryogenic liquid which is usually loaded at any temperature below -159 degree Celsius. Home - TechnipFMC plcHome - TechnipFMC plc LNG Marine Loading Arms and Manifold Draining, This advice specifically pertains to terminals employing rigid marine loading arms (MLAs). (The basic principles are applicable for hose systems that may be used for LNG ship-to-ship transfer, but there will be differences in the details.) 2 Principal Objective LNG LOADING ARM - EDiSJul 22, 2020 · BOTTOM LOADING ARM FOR LNG. Gassó Equipments SA has developed its first LNG loading arm for an important Spanish LNG Company project in Barcelona who looks for a safer and faster and with a long reach solution in their unloading LNG operation. This loading arm is especially designed to load LNG products and is suitable for the bottom loading / unloading Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG):Storage & Loading Operations

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