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Open Water is more eco-friendly than plastic, glass, and cartons. Open Water is ultra-purified, electrolyte-packed canned water in BPA-free aluminum packaging. Recyclable? Check. Climate Neutral? You bet. p.s. Fill up at the tap whenever possible. No, really. Hi! We’re Nic and Jess—the founders of Open Water How to Open a Filtered Water Store BizfluentIf you are looking for an opportunity to become self-employed but lack a specific passion, consider opening your own filtered water store. Learn the ins and outs of managing a small business by approaching a local small business owner and ask if you can shadow their daily duties. Water Stores - Water Shop & Water Store Equipment WB USAMarket Alternatives:. There are several different options for safe, bottled drinking water. The first option is to buy bottled water from a store such as a grocery store, yet most times this ends up costing up to $5.00 a gallon for smaller bottles such as .5 liters. Best Water Store Equipment - AMPAC USAWater Store Equipment, Water Bottling Machine has become affordable throughout the last 30 years, so that entrepreneurs can open their own water store at a very competitive price. Water Store Equipment keeps you ready for any emergency. Trust AMPAC USA’s water bottling equipment and water store equipment by calling on 909-548-4900. Description Water Store Complete Info Pack - Water Business

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