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NOVAIR Medical offers a full range of high pressure cylinder filling systems allowing to fill daily 10 to 100 medical oxygen cylinders at a pressure of 150 to 200 bar. Designed to be connected to a NOVAIR oxygen generator, the systems provide full autonomy to healthcare facilities :they can easily manage peak consumption flows and fill their own cylinders. *also available for air . High Pressure Gas Cylinder,Medical Oxygen Cylinder,Oxygen Our Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder is ideal for holding compressed gases and high pressure liquefied gases of oxygen hydrogen argon and carbon dioxide The product is manufactured with the most advanced technology machinery and equipment in the world The major part of our Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder is made of high Contact Now ISO Medical oxygen cylinders Zhuolu High Pressure Vessel ISO Medical oxygen cylinders. We can produce the seamless teel gas cylinders according to ISO9809-1/ISO9809-3/GB5099/ standard and do TPED certificate. Working pressure of 150BAR/200BAR/230ABR and volume from 4L to 80L. Product Specification:Water Capacity:46.7L Design wall thickness:5.4mm Material:37Mu. Oxygen cylinder - Zhuolu High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.Dec 27, 2021 · First point:Specifications Oxygen cylinder is a high-pressure container for storing and transporting O2. It is generally through hot stamping and pressing of alloy structural steel. The outer diameter is 219mm, the volume of common gas cylinder is 40L, cylindrical. It usually appears in hospitals, first aid stations and nursing homes. Tough Durable medical high pressure oxygen cylinder

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